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American Orthoptic Journal v. 46 TOC

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Volume 46, 1996

Editorial Del Monte
Editorial Avilla

Symposium: Solving the "Mystery" of Esotropia
Introduction Edward G. Buckley, M.D.

Childhood Esotropia: The Players George Ellis, Jr., M.D. Click here to view abstract

Collecting the "Facts": Vision Assessment Techniques: Pearls and Pitfalls Diana J. Shamis, MHSE, C.O., COMT

The "Prime Suspect"—The Infantile Esotropia Syndrome Oscar A. Cruz, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Neural Mechanisms in Infantile Esotropia: What Goes Wrong? Lawrence Tyschen, M.D., Andreas Burkhalter, Ph.D. and Ronald G. Boothe, Ph.D. Click here to view abstract

The "Accomplice"—Accommodative Esotropia Susan A. Stewart Havertape, D.B.O., C.O. Click here to view abstract

Small Angle Esotropia/Monofixation: Avoid the Traps Marshall M. Parks, M.D.

Surgery for Esotropia in Young Adults David A. Pollock, M.D. and Albert W. Biglan, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Beware: Armed and Dangerous—Acquired Non-Accommodative Esotropia Heather Macpherson, O.C.(C.), COMT, Inge De Becker, M.D., FRCS(C) and James R. MacNeill, M.D.,.FRCS(C). Click here to view abstract

Putting the Pieces Together: Successful Amblyopia Strategies Gail V. Morton, C.O. and Burton J. Kushner, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Use of Prisms: Are They Really Helpful? Pamela J. Kutschke, C.O. Click here to view abstract

"Tying the Knot"—Surgical Choices in Esotropia: Where? How Much? How Many? M. Edward Wilson, M.D. Click here to view abstract

To Err is Human: Management of Surgical Complications John W. Simon, M.D. and Huseyin Bayramlar, M.D.

Secondary Exotropia Zane F. Pollard, M.D. and Marc F. Greenberg, M.D. Click here to view abstract


Richard G. Scobee Memorial Lecture
Binocular Vision: Development and Evaluation in the Pre-Verbal Child Thomas D. France, M.D.

John Pratt-Johnson Lecture: Evaluation and Management of Intermittent Exotropia Arthur L. Rosenbaum, M.D.

Acceptance/Use of the Teller Acuity Card Procedure in the Clinic Patricia A. Bartholomew, B.S., A.O., Jeanne Chao, M.A., C.O., Janice L. Evans, M.Ed., Nan Hammel, B.A., Laura A. Trueb, M.A., Jane L. Verness, COMT, Graham E. Quinn, M.D., and Velma Dobson, Ph.D. Click here to view abstract

Is There a Place for Contrast Sensitivity Function Testing in the Strabismus Exam? Lindreth DuBois, M.Ed., MMSc, C.O., COMT Click here to view abstract

Occluder Contact Lens Tolerance in Noncompliant Patients with Amblyopia C. Gail Summers, M.D. and James E. Egbert, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Occlusion Induced Esotropia in Siblings Jacqueline W. Frank, C.O., Burton J. Kushner, M.D. and Monte Mills, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Prism Treatment of Incomitant Horizontal Deviations Jana M. Sinelli, C.O., COMT and Michael X. Repka, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Success of Motor Alignment in Exotropia Treated with Botulinum Toxin versus Surgery Edward G. Buckley, M.D., Judy Seaber, Ph.D. and Eva Tsironis, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Bilateral Anterior Transposition of the Inferior Oblique for Dissociated Vertical Deviation in Congenital Esotropia Anthony Robert Caputo, M.D. and Alvina Pauline Santiago, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Oblique-Muscle Surgery for Head Tilt Caused by Congenital Motor Nystagmus Stephen P. Kraft, M.D., FRCS(C) Click here to view abstract

The Heavy Eye Phenomenon Sara Shipman, C.O. and Petra Schampel, C.O. Click here to view abstract

The Bacteriology of Congenital Lacrimal Obstruction Maureen A. Kelly, John W. Simon, M.D., Richard A. Venezia, Ph.D. and Jordan Kassoff, M.D. Click here to view abstract

The Role of the Orthoptist in Visual Rehabilitation: An Australian Perspective Kerry Fitzmaurice, D.O.B.A. Click here to view abstract

Isolated Inferior Rectus Paresiss as the Presenting Manifestation of Myasthenia Gravis Andrew G. Lee, M.D. and Cynthia W. Avilla, C.O. Click here to view abstract

Congenital Nystagmus Masquerading as Spasmus Nutans Kyle A. Arnoldi, C.O., COMT Click here to view abstract

Head Tilt Due to Null-point See-saw Nystagmus Robert W. Arnold, M.D., M. Diane Armitage, C.O., Carl E. Rosen, M.D. and Brian R. Younge, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Review Papers
The Clinical Manisfestation, Natural History and Results of Treatment of Superior Oblique Myokymia Neil R. Miller, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Supranuclear Eye Movement Disorders Duncan P. Anderson, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Case Corner Jacqueline W. Frank, C.O.


Book Reviews
Prisms in the Medical and Surgical Management of Strabismus Suzanne Veronneau-Troutman, M.D.
Visual Development Nigel W. Daw


Abstracts of the Opthalmic Literature

Members of the 1996 American Orthoptic Council
1996 American Orthoptic Council Committees
American Association of Certified Orthoptists

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