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American Orthoptic Journal Abstract

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Volume 46, 1996, p. 5760

Putting the Pieces Together: Successful Amblyopia Strategies (Abstract)
Gail V. Morton, C.O. and Burton J. Kushner, M.D.


Amblyopia often coincides with esotropia. Since early diagnosis and treatment of amblyopia expedites its cure, a battery of clinical objective tests is essential. This largely includes fixation preference tests and behavior observation. However, preferential looking tests such as Teller acuities are not sensitive to amblyopia and thus underestimate the presence of amblyopia.


Some pearls in amblyopia treatment include open communication with the patient, parents, and caregivers, offering unlimited management advice at visits, phone calls, and letters (especially in patients who have shared custody). Equally important is tapered patching and follow-up care once the visual acuity has peaked.