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American Orthoptic Journal v. 49 TOC

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Volume 49, 1999
Editorial Raab
Editorial Clark
Editorial France


Symposium: Near Vision and Reading Disorders
Introduction Ronald V. Keech, M.D.

Systematic and Pharmacological Effects on Near Vision J. Raymond Buncic, M.D., F.R.C.S (C) Click here to view abstract

Charactersistics and Diagnosis of Convergence Insufficiency Rachail H. Jenkins, D.B.O., C.O. Click here to view abstract

The Treatment of Convergence Insufficiency Judy L. Petrunak, C.O., C.O.T. Click here to view abstract

Dyslexia Scott E. Olitsky, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Visual Training and Reading Creig S. Hoyt, M.D. Click here to view

Problems with Accomodation Jacqueling W. Frank, C.O. Click here to view abstract

Optical Problems and Near Vision Burton Kushner, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Convergence Excess: Characteristics and Treatment Kyle A. Arnoldi, C.O., C.O.M.T. Click here to view abstract

Conclusion Jill T. Clark, C.O.


Richard G. Scobee Memorial Lecture
Redefining Outcomes: Fifty Years of Decision Making in Strabismus Management Carol F. Dickey, C.O., M.B.A. Click here to view

John Pratt-Johnson Lecture: Developments of High Myopia, Strabismus and Anisometropia in Premature Infants Maria del Pilar Echeverri de Castro, M.D. Click here to view abstract

The Surgical Treatment of Convergence Insufficiency Type Exodeviation Pamela J. Kutschke, C.O. and William E. Scott, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Treatment of Excess Accommodative Convergence (High Gradient AC/A Esotropia with Medial Rectus Fadenoperation Edward G. Buckley, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Is "Earlier" Surgery a Sensory Benefit in the Treatment of Intermittent Exotropia? John D. Baker, M.D., Maria Schweers, C.O., Judy L. Petrunak, C.O. and Jillian Hymers, O.C. (C) Click here to view abstract

Contrast Sensitivity is Improved Following Four Muscle Recession in Idiopathic Congenital Nystagmus Felisa Shokida, M.D. and Alberto Ciancia, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Differential Diagnosis of Diplopia Following Cataract Extraction Katie M. Rose, C.O., and Gill Roper-Hall, D.B.O. (T), C.O. Click here to view

The Effect of Fixation Target Fixation Preference Testing Nancy Fischer, C.O. and Steven E. Brooks, M.D. Click here to view abstract

The Study of Axial Length Changes as a Result of Disruption on Anterior Ciliary Arteries at the Time of Strabismus Surgery Paul C. Chen, M.D., and Eugene M. Helveston, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Naked Autorefraction in Children: Pitfalls and Perils Mark Silverberg, M.D., Eileen Schuler, C.O., Jay Rosin, M.D., Julia Katz, M.D., David Maberly, M.D. and Normal Medow, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Torsional Considerations in Third Cranial Nerve Palsy Albert W. Biglan, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Acquired Fourth Nerve Palsies in Childhood Chris Timms, D.B.O.(T) Click here to view abstract

Strabismus in Patients with Cerebral Palsy Maria Estela Arroyo-Yllanes, M.D., Gabriela Manzo-Villalobos, M.D., Jose Fernando Perez-Perez, M.D. and Enrique Garrido, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Vestibulo-Ocular Mechanisms and Their Clinical Correlates Gill Roper-Hall, D.B.O.(T), C.O. Click here to view abstract

Vision-Dependant Tonus Mechanisms Michael C. Brodsky, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Treatment of Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction Tom Ghuman, M.D., Carlos Gonzales, M.D. and Malcolm L. Mazow, M.D. Click here to view abstract

What do Pediatricians Want to Hear at Grand Rounds? Jane D. Kivlin, M.D. and Stephen Lazoritz, M.D. Click here to view abstract

An Opthalmologist's Approach to Children with Visual Perception and Learning Differences Harold P. Koller, M.D. Click here to view


Review Article
Drugs Which can Affect Near Vision: A Useful List Joanne L. Smith B.Sc, Ph.D. and J Raymond Buncic, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C) Click here to download


Case Report: An Unusual Presentation of Kawasaki Disease Patricia F. Jenkins, C.O. and Theressa O'Neil, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Development of Spasmus Nutans Initial Diagnosis of Infantile Esotropia Katie M. Rose, C.O., Susan A. Havertape, D.B.O., C.O. and Oscar A. Cruz, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Case Corner Jacqueline W. Frank, C.O.


Book Reviews:
Orthoptic Assessment and Management David Stidwell
A Child's Eyes: A Guide to Pediatric Primary Care
John H. Simon, M.D. and Joseph H. Calhoun, M.D.
Clinical Strabismus Management: Principles and Surgical Techniques
Arthur L. Rosenbaum, M.D. and Alvina Pauline Santiago, M.D.
Ophthalmologic Surgery: Principles and Techniques
David Romero Daniel M. Albert, M.D.
The Essentials (Walsh & Hoyt's Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology 5th Edition)
Neil R. Miller, M.D. and Nancy J. Newman, M.D.


Abstracts of the Ophthalmic Literature
Members of the 1999 American Orthoptic Council
American Association of Certified Orthoptists


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