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The JHR Detailed Policy on Replication and Data Availability

Effective August 1, 1989; Revised September 2012


  1. Manuscripts submitted to the JHR will be judged in part by whether they have reconciled their results with already published research on the same topic. In cases where a past study has obtained different results for reasons that are not obvious on an a priori basis, authors may be required to perform some comparative estimation with their own data set. In addition, the JHR will continue its existing policy of requiring authors to present the results of sensitivity tests.

  2. Authors of accepted manuscripts will be asked to preserve the data used in their analysis and to make the data available to others at reasonable cost from a date six months after the JHR publication data and for a period of three years thereafter. Authors wishing to request an exemption from this requirement should notify the editors at the time of manuscript submission or after receiving this notice; otherwise, authors will be assumed to accept the requirement. The use of proprietary data sets, for example, may prompt an exemption request. Failure to honor data requests may jeopardize future publication in the JHR.

  3. The JHR may grant a waiver of the replication policy if the data meet these criteria: 1) There is any method at all by which other researchers may obtain the data, and 2) The authors commit to providing guidance about obtaining the data. In requesting a waiver, please provide a brief explanation of why the waiver is required and how you meet these criteria.

  4. Authors who wish clarification of any aspect of this policy statement may write to the editors.