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Journal of Human Resources 2018 Subscription Rates
      print & online $382
      online only $340
      print & online $110
      online only $95

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Airmail: add $40/yr.

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The Journal of Human Resources Submission Requirements

Publishing work in economics that employs the best available empirical methods.

The Journal of Human Resources requires that all authors submit all manuscripts online. Please submit at: Do not send submissions directly to the Editor, Coeditors, Managing Editor, or Editorial Office. Failure to submit online will only delay consideration.


While the JHR does not require particular formatting for submissions, we expect manuscripts to be 35 pages or fewer, excluding tables and figures, and will only consider longer manuscripts in exceptional cases. The JHR will provide more extensive formatting instructions in the case of accepted manuscripts. We expect authors of accepted manuscripts to adhere to our replication policy and make available the data and programs to other researchers. If there are special circumstances that make this data availability impossible, you must request an exemption from our replication policy at the time of initial submission, and state the reasons for your request.


As of January 1, 2017, the JHR charges a submission fee of $100 to consider initial submissions. (No fee is charged for invited revisions.) This fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee that your manuscript will be sent to outside reviewers; we reject over half of all manuscripts without sending them to outside reviewers. Please be certain that your manuscript falls within the purview of the JHR (e.g., not management or personnel research) before submitting it. Researchers for whom the submission fee would cause a significant economic hardship may request an exemption.

The JHR requires particular formatting for submissions. Please follow all Author Instructions on the website,


To ensure proper functionality of this site, both JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled in your browser. Please add the JHR url to your safe list so that your institution's spam filter does not reject email from the JHR.


For questions about the online submittal process, email the JHR’s Managing Editor, Lisa Al-Amoodi.


Turnaround statistics for first-round submissions:
Average time to decision: 30.55 days
Median time to decision: 9 days
Acceptance rate: 4%