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American Orthoptic Journal v. 50 TOC

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Volume 50, 2000
Editorial Buckley

The American Orthoptic Journal: The First Fifty Years! Thomas D. France, M.D.

Symposium: Abduction Deficits in Strabismus
Introduction James D. Reynolds, M.D. Click here to view

Abduction Deficits in Strabismus: Differential Diagnosis Cathy J. Hall, C.O. Click here to view abstract

Diagnostic Techniques in the Differential Diagnosis of Abduction Deficits Leslie W. France, C.O. Click here to view abstract

Congenital Abduction Deficits Steven E. Brooks, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Sixth Nerve Palsy Patricia F. Jenkins, C.O., Rosa A. Tang, M.D. and S. Kyle Jenkins

Duane Syndrome Marla Shainberg, C.O. Click here to view abstract

Surgical Management of Abduction Deficits Jonathan M. Holmes, B.M., B.Ch. Click here to view abstract

Diagnosis and Treatment of Thyroid Related Abduction Deficits David Romero-Apis, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Richard G. Scobee Memorial Lecture
Lateral Rectus Dysfunction and "Associated Things" Marilyn T. Miller, M.D. Click here to view abstract

John Pratt-Johnson Annual Lecture: The Office Diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis Neil R. Miller, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Assessing the True Amount of the Deviation: Measuring Patients to Neutralization or to Reversal Sara Shippman, C.O., Larisa Heiser, C.O. and Lisabeth S. Hall, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Prism Adaptation in Decompensated Monofixation Syndrome Cameille Moore, M.M.Sc, C.O.M.T., C.O. and Arlene V. Drack, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Change in the Primary Position Deviation in Small Angle Esotropias with Dissociated Vertical Deviations after Large Bilateral Symmetric Recessions of the Superior Recti Lesley Farrell-González, M.D., Maria Estela Arroyo-Yllanes, M.D. and José Fernando Pérez-Pérez M.D. Click here to view abstract

The Anatomy of Accommodation Kyle A. Arnoldi, C.O., C.O.M.T. Click here to view abstract

The Evolutionary Dichotomy of Human Nasotemporal Disparity Michael C. Brodsky, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Disorders of Visual Integration Michael S. Vaphiades, D.O. Click here to view abstract

Case Reports
Pediatric Horner Syndrome: A Case Report and Review of the Literature Bradley V. Davitt, M.D. and Oscar A. Cruz, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Ocular and Strabismus Complications of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Kelly A . Hutcheson, M.D.

Ocular Neuromyotonia Karen McMain, O.C.(C.), C.O.M.T., Joan Parkinson, C.O., C.O.M.T., Charles Maxner, M.D., F.R.C.S.C. and Robert LaRoche, M.D., F.R.C.S.C. Click here to view abstract

Benign Recurrent Sixth Nerve Palsy Daren L. Mickelson, B.A. and Monte D. Mills, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Case Corner Jacqueline W. Frank, C.O.


Book Reviews
Principles and Practice of Ophthalmology Daniel M. Albert, M.D., M.S. and Frederick A Jocobiec, M.D., D.Sc.(Med)
Emanuel S. Rosen, M.D., F.R.C.S (Edin), F.R.C.Ophth., H. Stanley Thompson, M.D., W. J. Cumming, M.D., F.R.C.P. I., M.A. E.E., M.E.W.I, and Peter Eustace, M.Ch., F.R.C. S., F.R.C.Ophth.
Ophthalmology: An Illustrated Colour Text Mark Batterbury,
BSc FRCS (Glasg), FRCOphth and Brad Bowling, FRCS Ed(Ophth), FRCOphth
Advances in Strabismology: Proceedings of the VIIth Meeting of the International Strabismological Association
Gunnar Lennerstrand


Abstracts of the Ophthalmic Literature
Members of the 2000 American Orthoptic Council
2000 American Association of Certified Orthoptists


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