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American Orthoptic Journal Statement of Ethics

In an effort to promote the highest quality of scientific and professional conduct among its members, the American Orthoptic Council endorses the following guiding principles, which represent basic scientific and professional values of our profession. Members of the editorial staff shall:

1. Uphold the highest standards of scientific investigation and professional comportment, and an uncompromising commitment to the advancement of knowledge.
2. Honor the rights and accomplishments of others and properly credit the work and ideas of others.
3. Strive to avoid conflicts of interest.
4. Demonstrate social responsibility in scientific and professional practice, by considering whom their scientific and professional activities benefit, and whom they neglect.
5. Provide honest and impartial advice on subjects about which they are informed and qualified
6. As mentors of the next generation of scientific and professional leaders, strive to instill these ethical standards in students at all educational levels.

Approved by the AOC, July 7, 2008.

Editorial Contacts:

James Reynolds, M.D. Buffalo, NY

Associate Editor
Kyle Arnoldi, C.O.

Editorial Office
Dr. James Reynolds
Ira G. Ross Eye Institute University at Buffalo
1176 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14209