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Foreign Language / Balkan Studies
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February 2012
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Volume IX, Special Issue
Edited by
The New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy, Volume IX
presents the second edition of Kisiel and Sheehan’s
Becoming Heidegger.
volume provides a relatively complete collection of Heidegger’s occasional writings in
English from the young Heidegger’s formative years to the end of 1927, when his
magnum opus,
Being and Time
, was published and subjected to its first public
This volume includes writings by Martin Heidegger
Edmund Husserl, Karl Löwith,
Heinrich Rickert, Theodore Kisiel, and Thomas Sheehan.
is Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at North-
ern Illinois University. He is author of the groundbreaking
The Genesis of Heidegger’s
“Being and Time”
and translator of Heidegger’s
History of the Concept of Time: Prolegom-
is professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Stanford
University and professor emeritus of philosophy at Loyola University Chicago. He is
editor of
Heidegger, the Man and the Thinker
, author of groundbreaking articles on the
influence of Aristotle on Heidegger’s thought in the 1920s, and translator of
Logic: The Question of Truth.
To accompany
Macedonian: A Course for Beginning and
Intermediate Students, Third Edition
“Reflects extensive experience with Balkan linguistics and with the
Macedonian-Canadian community. Its lessons are linguistically sound.”
—Wayles Browne,
Slavic and East European Journal
This set of audio CDs is designed to supplement the award-winning language text-
Macedonian: A Course for Beginning and Intermediate Students, Third Edition,
Christina E. Kramer and Liljana Mitkovska. The CDs contain almost two hours of
audio tracks that were recorded in Macedonia by native speakers who bring to life the
characters from the textbook’s story. The set additionally includes exercises for listen-
ing comprehension and the pronunciation of individual sounds.
s professor of Slavic and Balkan linguistics at the University of
associate professor of English grammar and
English–Macedonian contrastive analysis at the FON University, Macedonia.
February 2012
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• 2007 paperback,
Heidegger: On the Trail of His
Early Occasional Writings
, 1910–
1927, Northwestern University
Press, ISBN 978-0-8101-2303-8
• ISSN 1533-7472
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information about this series
• Companion textbook was winner,
Best Contribution to Language
Pedagogy, American
Association of Teachers of Slavic
and Eastern European Languages
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