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• SPRING 2012 •
• 2006 cloth, Max Kade Institute
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February 2012
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German Studies / American Studies / Wisconsin History
“An important contribution to the limited number of
studies of immigrant agriculture.”
—Robert W. Frizzell,
Journal of American Ethnic History
Taking innovative and varied approaches to immigration research, the German
and American contributors to this volume focus on migrants from farming
communities along the Rhine who relocated to Wisconsin in the nineteenth
century. Drawing from a wealth of official records and archival materials on both
sides of the Atlantic, these scholars look at the migrants’ situation in their
original homeland, their experience of the migration process, and their relation-
ship to the land in Wisconsin.
“Richly detailed and well researched. . . . By focusing on a specific geographic
area (not just the state of Wisconsin but the southern part of the state), by
expanding to a transatlantic view of the migration process, and by making land
a central theme in the immigration experience, the authors advance our
knowledge about German-speaking migration to America.”
—Stephani Richards-Wilson,
H-Net Reviews
Heike Bungert
is professor of North American history at the University of
Cora Lee Kluge
is professor of German and director of the Max Kade
Institute, and
Robert C. Ostergren
is professor of
geography, both at the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin–Madison.
Distributed for the Max Kade Institute
for German American Studies
Distributed for the International Brecht
January 2012
422 pp. 6 X 9 31 b/w illus.
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Brecht in/and Asia / Brecht in/und Asien
Edited by Markus Wessendorf and Friedemann Weidauer
The Brecht Yearbook is a venue for discussion about aspects of
theater and literature that were of particular interest to Bertolt
Brecht, especially the politics of literature and the politics of theater
in a global context
The Volume
Brecht in/and Asia
contains twenty-six essays based on presentations
given at “Brecht in/and Asia,” the thirteenth Symposium of the International
Brecht Society (IBS), which was held at the University of Hawai‘i at M
noa in
2010. Themes covered include Brecht in India; contemporary Chinese theater;
the ‘Chinese’ Brecht; tradition, Brecht, and political theater; Brecht
between imperialism and postcolonialism, orient and occident; Fritz Bennewitz’s
intercultural Brecht productions; and Brecht(’s) adaptations.
Markus Wessendorf
is associate professor in the Department of Theatre and
Dance at the University of Hawai
i at
Friedemann Weidauer
is managing
editor of
The Brecht Yearbook
and associate professor of German at the University
of Connecticut. His research focuses on contemporary German culture.
German Studies / Literature & Criticism / Drama