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“A true story that immediately will consume any horse advocate with
passion, hope, inspiration, and struggle.”
—Carolyn Stull, School of Veterinary
Medicine, University of California, Davis
One bitterly cold winter afternoon, a nine-month-old colt—extremely weak,
starving, left to die—was frozen to the rock-hard white landscape of a northern
Wisconsin pasture. His whinny for help barely carried through thirty-mile-an-
hour winds lashing snow and ice against his thin coat. But somewhere inside him
a light refused to go out.
The colt’s call for help was answered, and that light inspired a worldwide
response to his story. The struggle of the little colt, called Windchill by his rescu-
ers, was reported widely, and soon 1.2 million people were following Windchill’s
progress on a blog and webcam.
Warmed by Windchill
tells how Jeffrey L. Tucker, owner of nearby Raindance
Farms, and Kathi Davis, owner of a horse training operation co-located at Rain-
dance, rescued and cared for the colt, aided by an outpouring of assistance. Dona-
tions of money, feed, blankets, and other supplies streamed in as round-the-clock
volunteers tried to save Windchill.
Warmed by Windchill
is both heartening and
Jeffrey L. Tucker
, an equine and animal enthu-
siast, is the CEO of Integrity Health Network.
He is committed to the work of the Windchill
Legacy Ltd., a nonprofit organization dedicated
to supporting equine rescue and education.
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E-BOOK $12.95 T ISBN 978-0-299-29403-8
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of Wisconsin Press
“This book exposes the reality
of animal abuse and neglect. It
shares an experience that led to
significant discovery, creation, and
use of valuable resources in the
field of horse rescue, and it instills a
great sense of hope and love for all
creatures and humanity.”
—Heather Kantrud, Divine Equine
Of re l at ed int e re s t
Michael Klein
“This quietly heartbreaking yet inspiring
story puts Klein in the company of the
best writers on the race track.”
Publishers Weekly
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Wendy Lund
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