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Languages and Folklore of the Upper Midwest

Joseph Salmons and James P. Leary, Series Editors

The Upper Midwest, including the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (with overlap into lower Michigan, Ontario, Manitoba, the Dakotas, Iowa, and Illinois), has long been a cultural middle ground: the meeting place for centuries of Woodland and Plains Indians, the American region with the most entrenched and varied European American populations, and recent home to growing communities of African, Asian, and Hispanic Americans. In 2002, the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures (CSUMC) was founded to research, help sustain, and disseminate information about the languages and folklore of this region.

The CSUMC Series on Languages and Folklore of the Upper Midwestincludes monographs and documentary compact discs that focus on the lives, languages, and cultural traditions/folklore of the Upper Midwest’s diverse peoples, both historical and contemporary. Recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of our proposed series, the editors seek and welcome manuscripts by scholars from various disciplines with innovative perspectives and topics, as well as a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches.

We are particularly interested in:

  • Popular texts on cultural traditions and language in the Upper Midwest, including documentary compact discs
  • Course texts, particularly with an ethnographic focus, on cultural traditions in the Upper Midwest, including documentary compact discs
  • Texts with focused research, or edited volumes that address significant cultural/linguistic issues in the Upper Midwest
  • Translations of works that carry significance for an understanding of cultural/linguistic traditions in the Upper Midwest
  • Reprints/new editions of out-of-print classics.

Please send one email inquiry, copied simultaneously to Joe Salmons, Jim Leary, and UW Press Executive Editor Raphael Kadushin.


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Folksongs of Another America
Field Recordings from the Upper Midwest, 1937–1946
James P. Leary
Fall 2014

Wisconsin Talk
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The Tamburitza Tradition
From the Balkans to the American Midwest
Richard March
Fall 2013

Wisconsin Talk
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Wisconsin Talk
Linguistic Diversity in the Badger State
Edited by Thomas Purnell, Eric Raimy, and Joseph Salmons
Spring 2013