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SubStance Supplementary Materials

The following supplementary materials have been designated Open Access and are freely available. You will need library access or a paid subscription to view the associated articles and the full text of the journal. Editorials and errata are always Open Access.


Open Access iconOpen Access articles are indicated
by an Open Access icon.

Volume 44 (2015)

Volume 43 (2014)

Volume 42 (2014)

Volume 41 (2012)

Volume 40 (2011)

Volume 39 (2010)

Volume 38 (2009)

Volume 37 (2008)

Volume 36 (2007)

Volume 35 (2006)

Volume 34 (2005)

Volume 33 (2004)

Volume 32 (2003)



Volume 44:1, #137 (2015)

Introduction: David Mitchell in the Labyrinth of Time, Paul A. Harris


Open Access iconDavid Mitchell in the Laboratory of Time: An Interview with the Author, Paul A. Harris




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Volume 43:3, #136 (2014)

Introduction: The Archimedean Point: From Fixed Positions to the Limits of Theory
Jocelyn Holland and Edgar Landgraf



Volume 43:2, #135 (2014)

Introduction: Fabled Thought: On Jacques Derrida’s The Beast & the Sovereign
Matthew Chrulew and Chris Danta



Volume 43:1, #134 (2014)

Introduction: From Engagé to Indigné: French Cinema and the Crises of Globalization
Jocelyn Holland and Edgar Landgraf



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Volume 42:3, #133 (2013)

Introduction: Reframing Vulnerability: “so obviously the problem...”?
Simone Drichel


Volume 42:2, #132 (2013)

Introduction: “Rendezvous with the Scholar-Gipsy”
Ranjan Ghosh


Volume 42:1, #131 (2013)

Introduction: “Impacting” Higher Education?
Éric Méchoulan



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Volume 41:3, #130 (2012)

Introduction: Catching Up With Simondon
Mark Hayward and Bernard Dionysius Geoghegan


Volume 41:2, #128 (2012)

Introduction: Between The Essay Film and Social Cinema
Steven Ungar


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Volume 40:3, #126 (2011)

Introduction: Plus d’un toucher: Touching Worlds?
Ryan Bishop and Irving Goh


Volume 40:1, #124 (2011)

Introduction: Storyworld/Umwelt: Nonhuman Experiences in Graphic Narratives
Jared Gardner and David Herman



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Volume 39:3, #123 (2010)

Introduction: Pierre Alferi: A Bountiful Surface of Blues
Jean-Jacques Thomas


Volume 39:1, #121 (2010)

Introduction: Spiritual Politics After Deleuze
Joshua Delpech-Ramey and Paul A. Harris



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Volume 38:3, #120 (2009)

Preface: Fidelity to the Unruly?
Zahi Zalloua


Volume 38:2, #119 (2009)

Close Reading: A Preface
The Editors


Volume 38:1, #118 (2009)

Andrea Loselle



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Volume 37:3, #117 (2008)

Foreward: The Political Animal
Chris Danta and Dimitris Vardoulakis


Volume 37:2, #116 (2008)

Foreward: Waste and Abundance: The Measure of Consumption
Susan Cahill, Emma Hegarty, and Emilie Morin


Volume 37:1, #115 (2008)

Introduction: Terrorism and Cultural Theory: The Singularity of 9/11
Robert Doran



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Volume 36:3, #114 (2007)

Michael Kolkmans


Introduction: Henri Bergson’s Creative Evolution
Michael Vaughan


Volume 36:1, #112 (2007)

Introduction: Italian Post-Workerist Thought
Giuseppina Mecchia and Max Henninger



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Volume 35:3, #111 (2006)

Introduction: The French Novel Now
Warren Motte


Volume 35:2, #110 (2006)

Introduction: Nothing: A User’s Manual
Paul Harris



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Volume 34:1, #106 (2005)

Foreword: Derrida and SubStance
Michel Pierssens and Sydney Lévy



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Volume 33:3, #105 (2004)

Introduction: Overload
David F. Bell


Volume 33:2, #104 (2004)

Introduction: The Art of War According to Lydie Salvayre
Marie-Pascale Huglo


Volume 33:1, #103 (2004)

Introduction: On the Edges of Jacques Rancière
Éric Méchoulan



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Volume 32:3, #102 (2003)

Introduction: The Politics of French Literary History
Richard J. Golsan and Ruth Larson


Volume 32:2, #101 (2003)

Jean-Didier Wagneur


Volume 32:1, #100 (2003)

The Editors



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