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Arctic Anthropology Guidelines for Contributors

It is the journal's policy that each submitted manuscript be reviewed by three persons qualified to judge its merits. Criteria of particular importance are originality, scholarly significance, clarity, and theoretical and methodological soundness. A manuscript should stand alone in terms of problem delineation, review of prior relevant research, description or presentation of data (including adequate illustrations), interpretation, and literature citation.


The journal's Style Guide was most recently published in Volume 50-1, online at or, download the PDF here. Contributors are strongly urged to consult the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style before submitting a final manuscript.


All manuscripts must be word processed and submitted electronically to the editor’s email address for consideration. Double-space all sections of the manuscript: the abstract, main text (including quotations), tables, end notes, acknowledgments, references cited, list of tables with their captions, and list of figures with their captions. Margins should be at least one inch on all sides. Pages should be numbered consecutively. References to literature should be indicated throughout the text with page numbers included (American Anthropologist style). All references cited in the text (and only those references) will be included in the bibliography. In the bibliography, use complete names of authors rather than initials whenever possible.


Arctic Anthropology is edited and produced electronically. Papers are edited using Microsoft Word and will be disseminated back to authors in Word format (either *.doc or *.docx). Manuscripts can be submitted in other formats created using other word processing software (e.g., Google Docs, WordPerfect, AbiWord, etc.) but will be translated into Word format in the editorial process. Do not submit manuscript in Adobe PDF format.


If the manuscript includes tables or figures, submit them as pages and files distinct from the text. Be sure to include a list of captions for tables and figures, appended to the end of the paper. It is strongly suggested that authors use the table functions in Microsoft Word to create their tables rather than using tabs or Microsoft Excel.


Authors must submit illustrations in electronic format as individual files. The preferable formats for raster image (e.g., photographs) submission are TIFF (*.tif), JPEG (*.jpg), PNG (*.png), or Adobe Photoshop (*.psd). For vector images (e.g., maps, graphs), the preferred formats are Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) and Scalable Vector Graphics (*.svg). Do not submit illustrations in Adobe PDF format (*.pdf), Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt), or embedded in Microsoft Word documents.

Figures: Please read our Artwork Preparation Guidelines.

Arctic Anthropology

Editorial Offices:

Send inquiries and manuscripts to:

Dr. Christyann Darwent
Editor, Arctic Anthropology

Department of Anthropology
One Shields Avenue
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616-8522