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American Orthoptic Journal v. 47 TOC

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Volume 47, 1997
Editorial Raab Click here to read
Editorial Clark Click here to read
France Click here to read


Symposium: Management of Infantile Cataracts
Introduction Cynthia W. Avilla, C.O.

Infantile Cataracts: Indications for Systemic and Genetic Workup Arlene V. Drack, M.D.

Evaluation of Lens Opacity: Do I Operate or Not? Why? Kenneth W. Wright, M.D. and Laurie Christensen, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Surgical Choices: How Does the Infant Eye Differ from the Adult's: The Role of the Intraocular Lens Forrest D. Ellis, M.D.

Post-Operative Refractive Correction and Contact Lens Fitting in the Aphakic Patient Eileen Harrell, C.O., C.O.M.T. Click here to view abstract

Amblyopia Treatment in the Infant Cataract Patient Katherine J. Fray, C.O.

Functional Outcome of Monocular and Binocular Congenital Cataract Part I: Visual Acuity Judy H. Seaber, Ph.D. and Edward G. Buckley, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Functional Outcome of Monocular and Binocular Congenital Cataract Part II: Binocularity David J. Hodgetts, C.O., C.O.M.T.

Glaucoma: Long Term Complications of Infantile Aphakia David S. Walton, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Childhood Cataract: A World-Wide Perspective Louis Pizzarello, M.D., M.P.H.

Conclusion Cynthia W. Avilla, C.O.


Richard G. Scobee Memorial Lecture
Accommodation and Accommodative Esotropia: Where Mysteries Abound Jacqueline W. Frank, C.O.

Pediatric Ocular Disease in Africa - Or How I Met Gunter von Noorden Paul G. Steinkuller, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Topical Suture Adjustment vs. Post-Operative Adjustments in Strabismus Malcolm L. Mazow, M.D., Lindsay Arnoult, Mark N. Longo, M.D. and Thomas Prager, Ph.D.

Does Amblyopia Protect Against Age-Related Maculopathy? Emilio C. Campos, M.D., Costantino Schiavi,M.D. and Alessandra Baldi,M.D. Click here to view abstract

The Tilt of the Lancaster Chart: An Indirect Qualitative and Probably Quantitative Sign of Cyclodeviation Annette Spielmann, M.D. and Alain C. Spielmann, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Stereopsis in Congenital Esotropia Marshall M. Parks, M.D. Click here to view

Full Time Alternate Occlusion Prevents Abnormal Binocular Development and is a Safe Delaying Mechanism Arthur Jampolsky, M.D.

Luminance and the Neutral Density Filter in the Classification of Amblyopia Leslie Weingeist France, C.O.

Anterior Transposition of the Inferior Oblique Muscles Mark S. Ruttum, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Recognition Time After Four Muscle Recession for Nystagmus Derek T. Sprunger, M.D., Badia Fahad, M.D. and Eugene M. Helveston, M.D.

Strabismus as a Complication of "Cuba Therapy" for Retinitis Pigmentosa Jan-Tjeerd H. N. de Faber, M.D., Karin Verhoeff, C.O. and Miriam A. Langeslag, C.O. Click here to view abstract

Asymmetric Bilateral Fourth Nerve Palsies: Observations and Considerations Gill Roper-Hall, D.B.O.T., C.O., C.O.M.T. and Sophia M. Chung, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Culturally Adjusted Picture Acuity Cards Kimberley A. Beaudet, C.O., C.O.M.T., Larry Baitch, O.D., Ph. D. and David T. Wheeler, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Distance Stereoacuity in Children and Teenagers with Normal Near Stereoacuity Ashish M. Mehta, M.D. and Thomas D. France, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Esotropia Following Traumatic Cataract Arif Khan, M.D., Sandy Ingoglia, C.O. and Edward Raab, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Delayed Adjustment in Strabismus Surgery with a Silicone Sheet versus Early Adjustment Felisa Shokida, M.D., Nélida Melek, M.D. Daniel Dominguez, M.D. and Alberto Ciancia, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Surgical Management of the Congenital Fibrosis Syndrome Michael C. Brodsky, M.D.

The Field of Binocular Vision as Tested on the Goldmann Perimeter Terry Kaban, B.Sc., O.C.(C), Kathy Smith, O.C.(C) , C.O.M.T., and R. B. Orton, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Diplopia in Pseudophakes—Case Presentation and Review of Anisometropic Adaptation Joan Parkinson, B.A., C.O., C.O.M.T. and Karen McMain, B.A., O.C.(C), C.O.M.T. Click here to view abstract

Alterations of Ocular Motility in Down Syndrome Adriana Fabiola Becerril-Carmona, M.D., Maria Estela Arroyo-Yllanes, M.D. and Miguel Paciuc-Beja, M.D. Click here to view abstract

A Cyclic Esotropia with a Three Month-Cycle Combined with a 24 to 72 Hour-Cycle Yoneko Shin, C.O. and Keizo Chiba, M.D.

Visual Perseverance—Palinopsia: A Type of Binocular Problem Larisa Heiser, C.O., Sara Shippman, C.O. and Kenneth Cohen, M.D. Click here to view abstract

Case Report Successful Occlusion Therapy of Anisometropic Amblyopia John W. Simon, M.D. and Kimberly C. Couture

Case Corner Jacqueline W. Frank, C.O.


Book Reviews:
The History of Ophthalmology Daniel M. Albert, M.D. and Diane D. Edwards, M.S.
Dictionary of Eye Terminology
Barbara Cassin, C.O., C.O.M.T. and Sheila A. B. Solomon
Certified Ophthlamic Assistant (Exam Review Manual)
Janice K. Ledford, C.O.M.T.


Abstracts of the Ophthalmic Literature
Members of the 1997 American Orthoptic Council
1997 American Orthoptic Council Committees
American Association of Certified Orthoptists


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