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Volume 43, 1993, p. 1

Symposium: Restrictive Syndromes in Strabismus

Richard M. Robb, M.D.


Welcome to the 1992 Sunday Night Symposium, co-sponsored by the American Orthoptic Council and the American Association of Certified Orthoptists. The subject of this evening's symposium is restrictive syndromes in strabismus.


Although most strabismus occurs because of a disorder in the neurological control of ocular alignment or because of an abnormality involving the relationship between accommodation and convergence, there are some instances in which an actual restriction of ocular motility underlies the deviation. This implicates an abnormality of the ocular muscles themselves, however caused, which must be dealt with in correcting the misalignment.


This evening we will focus on four entities characterized by such a restriction of ocular motility: Duane syndrome, Brown syndrome, the congenital fibrosis syndrome, and some cases of double elevator palsy. We will attempt to identify the underlying etiology and pathology of these conditions and offer guidelines for their recognition and management.