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Spring 2013 list
Titles will be listed in catalog order. E-book availablity is often later than that of print titles.

More than They Bargained For
Scott Walker, Unions, and the Fight for Wisconsin
Jason Stein and Patrick Marley

Worse than the Devil
Anarchists, Clarence Darrow, and Justice in a Time of Terror
Dean A. Strang

An African American Life in Search of Justice
Sylvia Bell White and Jody LePage

Travel Wild Wisconsin
A Seasonal Guide to Wildlife Encounters in Natural Places
Candice Gaukel Andrews

An Angler's Tales and Travels
Kevin Searock

Autobiography of My Hungers
Rigoberto González

A Heaven of Words
Last Journals, 1956–1984
Glenway Wescott
Edited and with an introduction by Jerry Rosco

Understanding and Teaching the Vietnam War
Edited by John Day Tully, Matthew Masur, and Brad Austin

Voices from the Plain of Jars
Life under an Air War (SECOND EDITION)
ffEdited by Fred Branfman with essays and drawings by Laotian villagers
Foreword by Alfred W. McCoy

American Evangelicals and the 1960s
Edited by Axel R. Schäfer

Cold War University
Madison and the New Left in the Sixties
Matthew Levin

About Crows
Craig Blais

Greg Wrenn

The Declarable Future
Jennifer Boyden

Find Your Story, Write Your Memoir
Lynn C. Miller and Lisa Lenard-Cook

The Last Laugh
Folk Humor, Celebrity Culture, and Mass-Mediated
Disasters in the Digital Age
Trevor J. Blank

With the Lapps in the High Mountains
A Woman among the Sami, 1907–1908
Emilie Demant Hatt
Edited and translated by Barbara Sjoholm
Foreword by Hugh Beach

Goodbye, Brazil
Émigrés from the Land of Soccer and Samba
Maxine L. Margolis

The Forced Relocation of Poland’s Ukrainians after World War II
Diana Howansky Reilly

Libraries and the Reading Public
in Twentieth-Century America

Edited by Christine Pawley and Louise S. Robbins

Layton’s Legacy
An Historic American Art Collection, 1888–2013
John C. Eastberg and Eric Vogel
Forewords by Dianne Macleod and Giles Waterfield

Creating Old World Wisconsin
The Struggle to Build an Outdoor History Museum of Ethnic Architecture
John D. Krugler

Wisconsin Talk
Linguistic Diversity in the Badger State
Edited by Thomas Purnell, Eric Raimy,
and Joseph Salmons

Challenging the Bard
Dostoevsky and Pushkin, a Study of Literary Relationship
Gary Rosenshield

True Songs of Freedom
Uncle Tom’s Cabin in Russian Culture and Society
John MacKay

Aeschylus’s Suppliant Women
The Tragedy of Immigration
Geoffrey W. Bakewell

Couched in Death
Klinai and Identity in Anatolia and Beyond
Elizabeth P. Baughan