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Spring 2012 list
Titles are listed in catalog order. E-book availablity is often later than that of print titles.

Torture and Impunity
The U.S. Doctrine of Coercive Interrogation
Alfred W. McCoy

Phantoms of the Prairie

The Return of Cougars to the Midwest
John W. Laundré

The Waters of Star Lake
A Novel
Sara Rath

Dance and American Art
A Long Embrace
Sharyn R. Udall

Love and Fatigue in America
An Individual's Search for Meaning
Roger King

Humanist Geography
An Individual's Search for Meaning
Yi-Fi Tuan

Through the Door of Life
A Jewish Journey between Genders
Joy Ladin

In My Father's Arms
A Son's Story of Sexual Abuse
Walter A. de Milly III
With a new forward by Richard B. Gartner and a preface by the author

Chicago Whispers
A History of LGBT Chicago before Stonewall
St. Sukie de la Croix
Foreword by John D'Emilio

This is Not the Tropics
Ladette Randolph

The Baileys Harbor Bird and Booyah Club

Dave Crehore

My Father's Books

Luan Starova
Translated by Christina E. Kramer

Help is on the Way
John  Brehm

Voodoo Inverso

Mark Wagenaar

The American Jeremiad
Sacan Bercovitch
Anniversary edition, with a new preface

Ernest Hemingway
Thought in Action
Mark Cirino

Hooligans in Khrushchev's Russia
Defining, Policing, and Producing Deviance during the Thaw
Brian LaPierre

When Pigs Could Fly and Bears Could Dance
A History of the Soviet Circus
Miriam Neirick

Liberals under Autocracy
Modernization and Civil Society in Russia, 1866–1904
Anton A Fedyashin

Taboo Pushkin
Topics, Texts, Interpretations
Edited by Alyssa Dinega Gillespie

Rude and Barbarous Kingdom
Russia in the Accounts of Sixteenth-Century English Voyagers
Edited by Lloyd E. Berry and Robert O. Crummey

Science in Print
Essays on the History of Science and the Culture of Print
Edited by Rima D. Apple, Gregory J. Downey, and Stephen L. Vaughn
Foreword by James A. Secord

Beyond Earth Day
Fulfilling the Promise
Gaylord Nelson

With Susan Campbell and Paul A. Wozniak

Preface by Tia Nelson
Foreword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Pioneers of Ecological Restoration
The People and the Legacy of the University of Wisconsin Arboretum
Franklin E. Court

A Thousand Pieces of Paradise
Landscape and Property in the Kickapoo Valley
Lynne Heasley

Transforming Ethnographic Knowledge
Edited by Rebecca Hardin and Kamari Maxine Clarke

Thailand's Political Peasants

Power in the Modern Rural Economy
Andrew Walker

Mau Mau's Children
The Making of Kenya's Postcolonial Elite
David P. Sandgren

Foreword by Thomas Spear

Genocide Lives in Us
Women, Memory, and Silence in Rwanda
Jennie E. Burnet

Screen Nazis
Cinema, History, and Democracy
Sabine Hake

Oedipus Rex
A Dramatized Audiobook
A verse translation by David Mulroy

The Gift of Correspondence in Classical Rome
Friendship in Cicero's Ad Familiares and Seneca's Moral Epistles

Amanda Wilcox

Perfidy and Passion
Reintroducing the Iliad
Mark Buchan

Steel Bridge Songs, Volume 6
Produced by pat mAcdonald, the engineers, and the artists themselves

Minnesota Lumberjack Songs

Irish and Scottish Music from the North Woods
Brian Miller

Wisconsin German Land and Life
Edited by Heike Bungert, Cora Lee Kluge, and Robert C. Ostergren

Macedonian Audio Supplement
To accompany Macedonian: A Course for Beginning and Intermediate Students, Third Edition
Christina E. Kramer and Liljana Mitkovska


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