Kevin Searock transports readers to the waterside as he explores the time-
less relationship between the outdoors and the sport of fishing.
Whether standing in a quiet Wisconsin creek, by a high-country lake in Wyo-
ming, or on the grassy margins of England’s hallowed chalkstreams, Kevin
Searock believes anglers are driven by a vision: “There are things on this good
Earth that only the angler sees, and one of them is the breathless beauty of a
trout emerging from a river.” Here, in this evocative collection of fishing essays,
he takes readers under the surface of this ancient sport, casting a spell of water-
magic. Although trout are central to many of the stories, bluegills, bass, and other
warm-water fish also grace these pages.
Telling stories in thoughtful prose, Searock writes about fly-tying, collecting
fishing literature, journaling, and traveling in a way that makes
a rich
and varied meditation on fishing and the outdoors.
“We all, if we are lucky, find ways of loving the world. Fishing is how Kevin
Searock loves the world. These essays, like all good love stories, are windows into
a strange and obsessive heart. Searock’s fishing illuminates our land and waters
and the nature and mystery of how we love.”—David Allan Cates, author of
Freeman Walker
Kevin Searock
is an avid fisherman, photogra-
pher, and outdoors writer whose articles have
appeared in
Gray’s Sporting Journal, Midwest
Fly Fishing, Wisconsin Outdoor Journal,
Wisconsin Trails.
He lives in Baraboo, Wiscon-
sin, and teaches advanced placement biology
and chemistry at Portage High School.
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“Most fisher folks read fishing books
at times that they cannot fish. In
Kevin Searock takes
us fishing, writing about great
adventures with fish, water, plants,
geology, travel, and companions.
We imagine being there with him: I
could do that; I have been there; I’m
going to go there first chance I get!”
Jerry Davis,
Wisconsin Outdoor News
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O f r e l a t e d i n t e r e s t
“These stories are sometimes quiet, some-
times raucous, and sometimes quirky, but
they all look at fishing and fishermen with
the kind of sidelong glance you might not
expect.”—John Gierach, editor at large of
Fly Rod & Reel Magazine
Teresa Searock
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