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An Individual’s Search for Meaning
“A splendid summation of Yi-Fu Tuan’s literary career,
reconsidering elements of all his previous books and
presenting them anew. For those who have followed
Yi-Fu Tuan over the years, this book will be a necessary and
pleasurable read.”
—Denis Wood, author of
Home Rules
For more than fifty years, Yi-Fu Tuan has carried the study of human-
istic geography—what John K. Wright early in the twentieth century
called geosophy, a blending of geography and philosophy—to new
heights, offering with each new book a fresh and often unique intel-
lectual introspection into the human condition. His latest book,
Humanist Geography
, is a testament of all that he has learned and en-
countered as a geographer.
In returning to and reappraising his previous books, Tuan
emphasizes how the study of humanist geography can offer a younger
generation of students, scholars, and teachers a path toward self-
discovery, personal fulfillment, and even enlightenment. He argues
that in the study of place can be found the wonders of the human
mind and imagination, especially as understood by the senses, even
as we human beings deal with nature’s stringencies and our own deep
the J. K. Wright and Vilas
Professor Emeritus of Geography at the
University of Wisconsin–Madison, is au-
thor of twenty books, including
and Imagination, The Good Life, Human
, and his autobiography,
Am I?
, all published by the University of
Wisconsin Press.
Memoir / Human Geography / Philosophy
• SPRING 2012 •
Distributed for George F. Thompson Publishing
“Yi-Fu Tuan has written an extraordinary
prose poem that embodies the search for
meaning, a life-long reflection concerning the
place of the individual in a world torn by war,
inequality, and disaster. He explores the role
of the individual in both the meaning of
community and in the wider cosmopolitan
world, pointing constantly toward the
promise of progress. This is a joyous book
that is firmly rooted in the great religious
traditions of both the East and the West.”
—Dominic A. Pacyga, author of
Chicago, a
May 2012
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Publishers Weekly
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Published May 2008
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