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Distributed for Borderland Books
May 2012
LC: 2011932663
136 pp. 7 1/2 x 9 82 b/w illus.
Paper $35.00 t
ISBN 978-0-9835174-0-5
Memoir / Agriculture / History / Wisconsin
• SPRING 2012 •
“These are the ancestors, the generations of old ones, that
I have remembered, telling the stories in words and images
that document their lives. There is enough here to know
that we are an intimate part of those who have come
before us.”
—Richard Quinney
This is the story of the few acres of land purchased in Walworth
County, Wisconsin, in 1868 that became the 160-acre farm that
would go on to support and provide the rich background for the lives
of the generations that followed. Told from the various perspectives of
descendants of Irish, English, and Scottish emigrants, as revealed in
letters, diaries, photographs, and documents, this unique book offers a
moving portrait of life on this Wisconsin farm over the past 150 years.
is the author of several
books that combine autobiographical writing
and photography, including
Of Time and
Place, Journey to a Far Place, For the Time
Being, Borderland,
Where Yet the Sweet
Birds Sing.
His retrospective book of photo-
Things Once Seen
, received the
August Derleth Award from the Council of
Wisconsin Writers. He lives in Madison,
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Published June 2011
LC: 2010041463 S 168 pp. 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 20 b/w photos
ISBN 978-0-299-28204-2 Paper $17.95 t ISBN 978-0-299-28203-5 e-book $12.95
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Distributed for Borderland Books
Published September 2011
LC: 2011922900 136 pp. 10 1/4 x 9 64 b/w duotones,15 color photos
ISBN 978-0-9815620-9-4 Cloth $40.00 t
• This book is an expansion and redesign of
the earlier book
Of Time and Place,
land Books, 2008, ISBN 978-0-9768781-2-4