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June 2012
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History / Slavic Studies / Travel
• SPRING 2012 •
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Kazan and the Creation of Russia, 1552–1671
“On the basis of impressive archival research, this book sets out a remarkable analysis of the
policies, institutions, and modes of rule practiced in the newly conquered territories, thus
providing a welcome view into how imperial rule took shape on the ground.”
—Valerie A. Kivelson, author of
Cartographies of Tsardom: The Land and Its Meanings in
Seventeenth-Century Russia
Published January 2012
LC: 2011011573 DK 296 pp. 6 x 9 6 b/w illus., 5 maps, 9 tables
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Russia in the Accounts of Sixteenth-Century English
Edited by
“A volume that not only illustrates the nature and limits of
English interest in Russia during the sixteenth century but
which illuminates many important facets of Muscovite life.”
—C. Bickford O’Brien,
Russian Review
Lloyd E. Berry and Robert O. Crummey offer edited accounts of six
English voyagers and their experiences in Muscovy Russia between
1553 and 1600. With modernized spelling and presentation, these
accounts are accompanied by a glossary of Russian terms, introduc-
tions of their authors, and annotations that help put the travelers’
narratives into perspective.
“With informative introductory pages, a useful glossary of Russian
terms and an index,
Rude and Barbarous Kingdom
is a very worthwhile
addition to the growing body of material in English on Muscovite
Canadian Slavonic Papers
Rude and Barbarous Kingdom
is a good edition of valuable sources:
a selection of the most important writings on Muscovy by Englishmen
who came as traders and diplomats following the discovery of the
White Sea route by Richard Chancellor in 1553 and the establish-
ment of the Russia Company a year later.”—
Slavic Review
Lloyd E. Berry
was editor of
The English Works of Giles Fletcher
and of
John Stubb’s “Gaping Gulf” with Letters and Other Relevant
; he also compiled
A Bibliography of Studies in Metaphysical
Poetry, 1939–1960
. He was professor of English at the University of
Robert O. Crummy
is professor emeritus of history at the Uni-
versity of California–Davis. He is author of
Old Believers in a Changing
World, The Old Believers and the World of the Antichrist: The Vyg Commu-
nity and the Russian State, 1694–1855
, and
Aristocrats and
Servitors: The Boyer Elite in Russia, 1613–1689.
“This modernized and annotated edition of
the graphic accounts of six English travelers—
Richard Chancellor, Anthony Jenkinson,
Thomas Randolph, George Turberville, Giles
Fletcher, and Jerome Horsey—to Muscovite
Russia between 1553 and 1600 is a most
welcome compilation.”
Virginia Quarterly Review
• 1972 paperback, UWP
ISBN 978-0-299-04764-1