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Eat Smart in Sicily
How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure
Joan Peterson and Marcella Croce
Illustrated by Susan Chwae

Winner of Planeta’s 2008 Food Book of the Year Award

Find the heart of Sicilian culture through its sumptuous cuisine.

Rich with seafood, citrus, olives, and almond sweets, the cuisine of the sun-drenched island of Sicily reflects the influence of Greeks, Norman French, Tunisians, and Italians, among others. Unlike guidebooks that sweep Sicily into an overview of Italy, this latest addition to the award-winning Eat Smart series focuses solely on the cuisine of Sicily. Eat Smart in Sicily provides an historical overview of the peoples who have lived there and their contributions to Sicilian cuisine, with attention given to the fare distinct to the villages and urban centers of Sicily’s four regions. A helpful guide to Sicilian menus, with English translations of Italian (or Sicilian) words, makes ordering food in Sicily an easy and immediately rewarding experience. Highlighting regional recipe mainstays, Joan Peterson and Marcella Croce provide tips to shopping for traditional ingredients in Sicily and at home. The book also includes a comprehensive glossary of foods, kitchen utensils, and cooking methods to prepare authentic Sicilian specialties at home or abroad.


Author. Photo credit, Name

Joan Peterson is an experienced world traveler and the author of the Eat Smart guides to the food of Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Poland, Sicily, Norway, and Turkey. Each book has been designed for travelers and food lovers like her who want to navigate menu and market with confidence. Marcella Croce was born in Palermo, Sicily, and is a journalist and author. For almost twenty years she has been a teacher and coordinator of Elderhostel Programs in Sicily organized by Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.





“Joan Peterson has now authored and/or co-authored nine superbly crafted and incredibly informative travel guides with a distinctive culinary orientation. The newest addition to her impressive roster of titles is Eat Smart In Sicily: How To Decipher The Menu, Know The Market Foods & Embark On A Tasting Adventure, which she co-authored with Sicilian native, journalist and author Marcella Croce. Enhanced for the armchair browser with a section of color photography showcasing dishes, foods, and chefs, Eat Smart In Sicily truly lives up to its name and the sterling reputation of the entire Eat Smart series. Along with an historical overview focused on the origins of Sicily’s culinary diversity and a quick tour of local Sicilian foods and their variations, travelers are provided with invaluable tips for shopping in both the Sicilian open air food markets as well as their modern supermarkets. With the inclusion of resource lists, helpful phrases, a menu guide, recommended restaurants, and even a thoroughly ‘user friendly’ Menu Guide, Eat Smart In Sicily is a ‘must’ for anyone traveling there for either business or pleasure or both!”
—James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief of Midwest Book Review

“No preparation ever truly prepares the traveler for a journey. But if food is your passion and Sicily your destination, this book comes pretty close.”
Enterprising Women



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June 2008
LC: 2007908347 TX
160 pp.   5.5 x 8.5
8-page color insert
b/w illus., maps

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Paper $13.95 t
ISBN 978-0-9776801-1-5
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