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Classics in Translation, Volume II
Latin Literature
Edited by Paul L. MacKendrick and Herbert M. Howe

“A stimulating comprehensive survey of classical antiquity.”
Classical Philosophy

Here, translated into modern English, are the works of literature, history, science, oratory, and philosophy that constitute the mainstream of Roman thought and continue to influence world civilizations. This volume includes:

  • Complete translations of Plautus’ The Haunted House, Terence’s Woman from Andros, Seneca’s Medea, and the Deeds of the Deified Augustus.
  • Selections from Vergil’s Georgics and Aeneid, the poems of Catullus, Horace’s Odes, Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Fasti, the Satyricon of Petronius, and the Sixth Satire of Juvenal.
  • Selections from Lucretius’ On the Nature of Things, Cicero’s speeches and philosophical works, and Quintilian’s The Training of the Orator.
  • Selections from histories by Sallust, Livy’s History of Rome, Tacitus’ Annals and Germania, and letters of Pliny the Younger.






“The distinctive feature of these two volumes is the fact that the translations are new and in contemporary English.”
Quarterly Journal of Speech

“Attractive, well-organized, and stimulating.”
The Phoenix

“A valuable addition to any private library.”
The Classical Journal

“Much superior to any previous anthologies of the kind.”
The Journal of General Education



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Paper $29.95 x
ISBN 978-0-299-80896-9
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